rental conditions

General Conditions of Rental

The lease agreement is concluded between the company Greenbike whose registered office is located at 41 quai du Gabut in La Rochelle registered with the RCS of La Rochelle N ° 810298265 and the tenant named on the back. During the rental period, the renter undertakes to use the bike with the diligence and prudence of a "good father" respecting the rules of the road and not to ride on the beaches. The lessee recognizes that the rented equipment is in perfect condition, particularly with regard to the tires. The renter has custody of the bike and is responsible for the damage to the bike or caused by its use. In case of damaged equipment, the tenant agrees to pay the repair following the invoice or the estimate that will be presented to him, and this in addition to the cost of the lease and the resulting operating loss. Lost or stolen lost material will be charged based on the following conditions: Luxury Manhattan adult bicycle 456 euros, Child Bike / Trailer / 3rd Wheel 299 euros, helmet 22 euros, baby seat 50 euros, royal saddle 39 euros, crutch or handle 15 euros, anti-theft 9 euros, bomb anti puncture 6 euros / puncture 12 euros. If the tenant has taken out the insurance the tenant will only pay the deductible always at the expense of the user. Either Adult bike 250 euros Child bike trailer 3 rd wheel 165 euros free puncture. The material is not guaranteed against breakage The payment of rent intervenes from the beginning taking of or of the bicycles and will not be able to be the object of a refunding for any motive that is. Greenbike has taken out insurance covering its professional civil liability. This insurance does not cover the tenant's liability. The renter declares to have taken out individual civil liability insurance covering the use of the bicycle. The tenant will be held responsible for any damage caused to him or to third parties except hidden defect of the material or the not apparent wear unsuitable for the use for which it is intended. In case of dispute only the courts of the judicial district of La Rochelle are competent.

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